Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home is Where the Hearth Is

My Everyday Mantle

When designing a mantle, I think of it as a small stage. A mantle sits up high, displays a collection of beloved items, and demands your attention. It is the focal point of any living
room. Because my aesthetic leans towards simplicity and neutrality, I usually don’t have too many items displayed, but rather, a few items with dramatic beauty.

My Everyday Mantle 2

My gold, antique mirror gives the mantle height and reflection, drawing your eye up to the ceiling and making the room feel large and grand. I have a deep love for all things natural and sculptural, hence my plate coral and seafans that often pervade in my design. Silver candlesticks and mercury glass are also some favorites.

My Everyday Mantle 3

When designing an everyday mantle, think simplicity, height, and items you cherish!

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