Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Transforming Spaces: The Dining Room

Transform the Living Room; Before and AfterLast year, my husband and I purchased and began renovating our house. There was so much we loved when we first saw the house: it sat atop a hill, had beautiful views, was
shaded by an enormous pine tree, and had a traditional interior layout. Because it was built in 1938, we assumed it must have changed hands several times before we purchased it, hence the mish-mash of design and aesthetic choices. But these were mostly surface design choices that we could tailor to our own aesthetic, and so we did.

Our dining room is a perfect example of this transformation. Before and After: We repainted the walls a warm, glowy white. Anytime you paint a room a lighter color, it will instantly feel large and more spacious. It also allows the items in the room to shine instead of focusing on such bold colored walls.

Transform the Living Room; Before and After 2

We replaced the short baseboards with taller ones, making the room feel instantly grander and more formal.
Transform the Living Room; Before and After 3

We replaced the aluminum sliding window with french casement windows that were wider and taller, letting in the light. It’s incredible how changing the windows of your home can give your house a completely different look, both inside and out.

Transform the Living Room; Before and After 4

We hung our chandelier and were ready to bring in the furniture.

Transform the Living Room; Before and After 5

Ready to enjoy our dining room for years to come!

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Decorating!

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