Monday, September 9, 2013

Photography for Your Nest: Bold Nature

Colorful and Bold Flower Photography
Nature photography is a lovely way to let the outdoors in to your home — without the dirt or bugs! Although I like to keep neutral color photographs in my home for most of the year,
I know that different seasons and holidays will bring changes in whims and moods. That’s when I bring in the bold colored nature photography. By temporarily replacing the neutral, every day photos with vibrant yellows in the summer, soft pinks in the spring, bold blues in the winter, or glowy oranges in the fall, I can keep my nest feeling fresh, seasonal, and beautiful.

Above: Yellow Sunburst for the Summer.

Colorful Rose Photography on My Mantle
Dusty Pink Roses for Spring or Valentine’s Day. In a goldleaf frame on my mantle.

Colorful and Bold Iris Photography

Irises in blue and purple. Lovely for the winter months.

Colorful and Bold Flower Photography 2

This bright orange and red flower photograph is fitting for fall.

Colorful Flower Photography

Fresh and sweet pink for spring or a little girl’s room.

Colorful Flower Photography 3

Red hot for summer or Valentine’s Day.

Colorful and Bold Nautilus Shell Photography

Orange Glow for Fall. Detail of a Nautilus Shell.

All photography by Nora Foran. For these and many other photographs, see my shop on Etsy: The Little Cloud.

Photography Copyright © Nora Foran

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