Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Special Vessel

Beautiful Vases
A floral arrangement can freshen any room and brighten anyone’s day, but the uniqueness of its vessel can turn an ordinary arrangement into an extraordinary one. A unique vase can
do it all: display a lovely bouquet of roses, present a bleached manzanita branch in a dramatic fashion, or stand alone as a piece of artwork on a mantle or foyer table. When it comes to vases, choose the special vessel.

Above: I love searching for vases that are one-of-a-kind, such as this glass vase imbedded with sterling silver leaves and flowers. On my mantle.

Beautiful Vases 2

This antique blue frosted vase displaying a worn-off painted peacock is a showstopper. No floral arrangement needed.

Beautiful Vases 3

Vintage glass vase with long-stemmed flower detail. I love the way this vase’s fluted shape mimics the shape of the moonflowers.

Beautiful Vases 4

This sky-blue, semi-transparent vase is perfect for displaying tall branches.

Beautiful Vases 5

Vintage vase with cherry detail.

Beautiful Vases 6

A swirling glass vase holds a muted turquoise hydrangea.
Beautiful Vases 7


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