Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bats: The Bold and The Beautiful

Paper Bats on my Mantle for Halloween; DIY

Creating your own paper bats for Halloween isn't only a fun craft project; it's a personal touch to your home that can be used for many Halloweens to come. I love all sorts of
bats...the bold, the beautiful, the crazy, and the silly. So adults and children alike, make some bats for your home and let your Halloween spirit fly!

Above: These bats fly on seafan coral and a manzanita tree on my mantle.

Paper Bats in a Tree for Halloween; DIY

Paper Bats in a Fan Coral for Halloween; DIY

Handmade Bats in a Tree for Halloween; DIY
These bold bats were created from an art project my mother set out for my sister and me when we were children. Every few years, I make more bats to add to the bat family!

Handmade Bats from our Childhood for Halloween; DIY
Made from black poster board, paint, and sequins, and hanging by clear string, each bat is unique and lovable.

Handmade Bats from our Childhood for Halloween 2; DIY
Create your own unique bat shape and trace that shape onto your poster board several times. Cut out your bats, and give them cute and funny faces using paint, sequins, or any material you like.

Handmade Bats in a Chandelier for Halloween; DIY
Here, the silly bats fly on a breakfast room chandelier.

Handmade Bats for Halloween; DIY
Ooo! This one's mad. Watch out, and have fun making your own!

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