Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Decor -- Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves from My Chandelier
When I saw autumnal leaves fluttering and falling to earth at a nearby park, I knew that some of them must be brought back with me for a home decor project. I decided to hang
them from my chandelier and recapture their fluttering fall -- it's natural, glamourous, and so easy to do!

Falling Leaves from My Chandelier 2
In hopes of recapturing the falling of the leaves, I used a needle and thread to hang the leaves from our dining room chandelier at different lengths.

Falling Leaves DIY
Any color of leaf is beautiful in this arrangement. I love to see a green one every once in a while.

Falling Leaf DIY
Backlit from the sun, the leaves' colors can really take on rich oranges and reds.

DIY Falling Leaves
This project is so easy and fast. All you need is a sewing needle and thread (a natural color thread, such as light brown). 1) Thread your needle without tying a knot. 2) Insert the needle near the stem of the leaf. 3) Once the thread is through the leaf, pull your needle off the thread. 4) Choose your desired length of the thread, cut, and knot the two ends. 5) Hang on a chandelier or sconce, and you're done!

DIY Falling Leaves 2
Keeping your thread close to the main vein of the leaf makes for a stronger hold.

Leaves falling from my Chandelier 2
Using one leaf species makes the leaves look like they're coming from the same tree.

Leaves falling from my Chandelier 3
 When someone walks by, the leaves twirl and dance from the air.

Leaves falling from my Chandelier
You can enjoy these fluttering beauties all fall long. They will work perfectly over your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!

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