Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Leaf Arrangements

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

This time of year, autumn leaves and branches are bountiful on sidewalks and in parks. And
when nature provides such beautiful displays, it's hard to "leaf" them behind!"**  In addition to the falling leaves hanging from my chandelier (please see my last post: Falling Leaves), these easy-to-make leaf bouquets are displayed on my entrance tables, dining tables, and mantles.

I found this silvery blue branch of leaves resting on a sidewalk. Cutting it down into many smaller branches allowed me to create a bouquet.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet 2

To make the arrangement, I used an antique silver punch bowl, florist's green foam, and moss.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet 3
Small leaves and pollen buds make the centerpiece sparkle.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet 4
**Quote credit goes to my dear friend, Jessica Johnson, after she found some beautiful leaves of her own :)

Make an Autumn Leaf Bouquet

To make the bouquet, cut a piece of florist's foam to fit into your vessel, whether it's a vase, a bowl, a tray, etc. Secure the ends of the branches into the foam. Once the shape of the bouquet reaches your desired height and fullness, cover the foam with moss.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet in My Foyer

For a bountiful effect, let the moss reach the brim of your bowl. You're done! This bouquet sits on my foyer table.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet on My Mantle
These enormous sycamore leaves were falling like crazy at a nearby park. On my mantle.

Leaf Bouquet and Pumpkin

As I was gathering them into my hand at the park, I noticed that, when stacked together on their flat sides, they created a lovely, full bouquet!

Leaf Bouquet
In a mercury glass pot on my dining table

How to Make a Leaf Bouquet
To keep the leaves together, simply wrap a twist tie around their stems.

Fall Leaf Arrangement

Place the wrapped stems inside a wide vase or bowl, and voilĂ !

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