Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pumpkins for the Holidays

Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays
Even after Halloween is long over, I cannot bear to throw away my beloved pumpkins. Here, I've repurposed them for the holidays. By marbleizing the pumpkins with silver
metallic paint, I've transformed them into shimmering jewels fit for November and even December. Gold, bronze, and other similar tones would be beautiful as well. DIY using step-by-step directions below!

Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays 2

Materials you will need:
  • large bucket 
  • newspaper 
  • gloves 
  • face mask 
  • water spray paint in metallic sheen 
  • pumpkins
Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays - DIY
Find a good spot outside for your project. Protect yourself with gloves and a face mask. Protect the ground with newspaper.

Step 1: Fill the bucket half full with water.
Step 2: Spread the newspapers out on the ground and set the bucket of water on top of them. Grab the metallic spray paint and shake throughly.
Step 3: Spray the paint into the bucket of water.
Step 4: Continue spraying until you have a nice layer of paint floating on top of the water.

Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays - DIY 2
Step 5: Pick out a pumpkin you'd like to marbleize.
Step 6: Dip the pumpkin into the water and paint, swirling it around to catch as much paint as possible.
Step 7: Lift the pumpkin out of the water.
Step 8: Set the pumpkin on newspaper to dry.

Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays 3
These beautiful pumpkins aren't just reserved for inside. Bejewel your garden with them!

Marblize Pumpkins for the Holidays 4

Hope you enjoy, and Happy Decorating!

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