Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Gift Wrap: Natural-Glam Style

Natural-Glam-Gift-WrappingAs with most things in Nora's Nest, I'm always searching for nature-inspired, glamorous ways of approaching decor and lifestyle. Christmas gift wrapping is no different! This
Christmas time, I was inspired by the usual suspects: pinecones, pine-needles, and holly for nature, and glitter, satin, and silver bells for glamour. I've created three lovely gift wrapping ideas to give your Christmas presents an extra punch of natural-glam. Using brown wrapping paper (or brown butcher paper) as a neutral base for all three gifts, the wrapping world is your oyster!

Here, I embossed and personalized this gift with silver embossing glitter, finishing the glam with a green satin bow.


Create Embossed, Personalized Gift Wrap

What you'll need:

Step 1) With an embossing pen, draw a holiday design on your wrapping paper such as holly, pinecones, stars, a Christmas tree, etc. I drew a pine-needle twig and pinecone.

Step 2) Dust your image with embossing glitter.

Step 3) Shake the glitter off your gift.

Step 4) Add a name to your gift and dust it with glitter, if you like.


Step 5) Again, shake the glitter off of the gift.

Step 6) Using the embosser tool, heat the glitter until it melts the crystals of the glitter.

Step 7) Let the gift cool for a moment.

Step 8) Tie a bow onto your gift, being careful not to cover your new masterpiece. Voila!


This gift has "holly-day" cheer written all over it! It features handmade holly leaves, embossing vein detail, and silver bells.


Create Holly and Bell Gift Wrap

What you'll need:
Step 1) Cut out a couple holly leaves from the extra brown wrapping paper
Step 2) Using the embossing pen, draw vein lines on the holly leaves
Step 3) Dust glitter onto the leaves and then tap off the excess.
Step 4) Using the embosser tool, heat the glitter until it melts and cools.

Step 5) Hot glue three silver bells together on their sides so they are all facing up.
Step 6) Hot glue the two holly leaves' stems at approximately a right angle to each other.
Step 7) Hot glue the silver bell trio to the holly leaf duo.
Step 8) Hot glue this new masterpiece to your gift (as pictured) or fasten it to the gift with a ribbon. Voila!

See my third idea for nature-glam gift wrap and more Christmas decorations in the links below:

Happy Holidays and Decorating!!

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