Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

I'll be honest: When it comes to vintage Christmas ornaments, I've been both naughty and nice this year. My obsession with these ornaments coaxed me into buying them
throughout the year (the naughty side), but the obsession also gives me a collection large enough to spread holiday cheer throughout the home (the nice side).  In addition to the Christmas tree, I've adorned manzanita branches, clam shells, and chandeliers with these lovely treasures in every room. So what if I've been a little naughty? I think it's worth it! Spread the cheer in your home this year!

This blue vignette was inspired by my vintage blue ornaments. I gathered blue paintings, blue books, and other blue accessories to give this bedroom dresser a coherent theme.

Hanging in a manzanita tree branch, these blue ornaments give off a fun, lighthearted vibe for the holidays.

These silver glass vintage ornaments rest in a large clam shell with glittered pinecones beneath them.


Here, I cut a low hanging branch from our Christmas tree and decorated it with silver ornaments and glittered snowflakes.

Silver globe ornaments adorn a bare, bleached manzanita branch.

Christmas ornaments in blue...

...silver, and white.

Find similar vintage ornaments at antique stores, flea markets, or online. I purchased many of my ornaments from Country Garden Antiques in Dallas, the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, the Mart Collective in Venice, CA, and Anthropologie.

For more Christmas decoration and DIY ideas, please see my Glittered Pinecones, Star Garland, and Holly Garland.

Happy Holidays and Decorating!!

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