Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dripping with Merriness


Merry Christmas Eve!

Traditionally, my family has always had a Christmas feast on the night before Christmas, so tonight, the dining table must be merry and bright. For my Christmas
decor, glittered pinecones are the stars of the show as they drip from the chandelier above our table. On the body of the chandelier are silvery green leaves and swags of ivory ribbon cradling larger glittered pinecones.

The glittered pinecone fest continues onto the silver oval tray below the chandelier. A few vintage silver ornaments are also tucked into the arrangement.

From a distance, the tiny dripping pinecones almost look like snow.



The table’s centerpiece is reflected by my antique mirror with a glittered Star Garland.

The subtlety and delicate silver glitter (by Martha Stewart) gives these pinecones sophistication.


Need some last minute holiday ideas and projects?
- Decorate your home with your own DIY Glittered Pinecones
- Wrap gifts Natural-Glam Style
- Adorn your mantle with Silver Holly
- Add sparkle to your mirrors with Star Garlands- Decorate with Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays from Nora’s Nest!

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