Friday, December 20, 2013

How To Wrap the Perfect Gift

If I've spent the time to find the perfect gift, I want to give that gift the perfect wrapping. And it all starts with the wrapping paper! For a blank slate, I love to use brown
wrapping allows me to create designs directly onto the paper, emboss stamps or drawings, and add virtually any color ribbon or accoutrement I desire. Here are simple DIY directions for wrapping the perfect gift:

Step 1) After gathering the supplies, place the gift box (any size) on top of the wrapping paper. Cut a rectangle from the wrapping paper, making the width a little longer than the height, so the box will be covered.

Step 2) Wrap the long ends of the paper over the box so one end overlaps the other end. Tape the overlapping end.

Step 3) Choose one of the remaining two open edges of paper. Pinch the sides of the open edges until you touch the box, and then crease the paper in that position. This should create upper and lower "arrows".

Step 4) Repeat Step 3 on the other open end.

Step 5) Fold down one of the arrows until it touches the box. Tape or hold down. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6) Flip the box over and tape the two remaining arrows down on top of the two previous arrows.

Step 7) The box is wrapped. Now it's time to make a bow and decorate!

Step 8) Using twine or any other ribbon, cut a lengthy piece and place it on the front of the wrapped box.

Step 9) Holding the twine in place, flip the box on it's back and bring the two ends of twine together. Wrap them around each other at a right angle, creating a cross.

Step 10) Holding the twine in place, flip the box back over on it's front and slide the two ends underneath the existing twine.

Step 11) Tie a knot with the two ends. The twine should be secure around the box.

Step 12) Cut an even longer piece of twine than you did previously. Wrap it around your hand several times until it forms a small circle.

Step 13) Pinch the middle of the circle to form a figure 8.

Step 14) Place the figure 8 on top of the knot you created on the box. Using the two ends of twine you used to wrap the box, tie a knot at the center of the figure 8. You've got a nice big bow!

Step 15) For an extra accoutrement, place an object on top of the bow and tie it down using the same two end pieces of twine. Here, I added a pinecone and twig for a nature inspired look. Cut off any extra long ends of twine. Voila!

See my other ideas for nature-glam gift wrap and more Christmas decorations in the links below:


Happy Holidays and Decorating!!

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