Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinecones for the Holidays

Christmas and Holiday Mantle
Four years ago today, I married my husband in a winter wonderland wedding. My family, husband-to-be, and I worked for months to glitter five-thousand pinecones,
creating Christmas tree ornaments, pinecone wreaths, and table accoutrements for the wedding day. Today, many of the beautiful pinecones adorn our home for Christmas decor, their presence always reminding me of our sparkling, magical moment. Happy 4th Anniversary, Padraic, my love!

Glittering pinecones give a beautiful simplicity to our holiday mantle.

Glittered Pinecone Wreath
This pinecone wreath hung on the door of the old french chapel where we were married. It glitters with over 75 pinecones.

Glittered Pinecone Wreath on Mirror
To make this pinecone wreath, we used a metal wreath base (found at craft stores). We wrapped and secured each glittered pinecone with an 8-inch piece of florist wire and then tied that wire to the wreath base until the wreath was covered with pinecones.

Mercury Glass and Glittered Pinecones
Mercury glass vases proudly display a glittered, silver pinecone each.

Large Glittered Pinecones
These large pinecones bookend the mantle and show off their grandeur.

Cast Iron Urn and Glittered Pinecones
A vintage cast iron urn holds succulents, branches, and a glittered pinecone.

How to Glitter Pinecones

What You'll Need:
  • Pinecones of your desired size and shape
  • Glitter -- we used Martha Stewart glitter in sterling
  • Craft glue
  • Water
  • Wide bowl or tray
  • Ribbon, string, or wire for hanging pinecones
DIY: Glitter Pinecones for the Holidays and Christmas

Step 1: Gather the pinecones you'd like to glitter and attach any ribbon, string, or wire if you'd like to hang them or affix them to the Christmas tree. These pinecones I'm glittering above are smaller than a dime, so I'll use very fine glitter.

Step 2: In a bowl or tray, mix the water and craft glue in a half/half ratio.

Step 3: Dip the pinecones into the glue mixture and tap off the excess glue.

Step 4: Dip the pinecones into the glitter. Set aside to dry. Voila!

Pinecone Wreath for Christmas
Although glittered pinecones take a little more effort than spray painted pinecones, the result is shimmering and glorious. Use them for years to come, and your holidays will be merry and bright!

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and Happy Decorating!!


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