Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Silver Holly Garland

For some silver pop on my holiday mantle, I've created a modern twist on the green garland. This silver holly garland is the perfect compliment to my antique mercury glass
beads and silver glittered pinecones, giving my mantle a reason to shine for the holiday. Make your home shine with a silver holly garland of your own!

Silver Holly Garland for Christmas
Silver is my favorite decor color for Christmas, so I made this garland using thick foil paper to create the holly leaves.

Silver Holly Leaves on Garland

Veins and bends in the leaves allow light to catch the paper, giving the leaves a more realistic look.

Silver Holly Garland and Mercury Glass Beads

Foil Holly Garland

Silver Holly and Cast Iron Urn for Christmas
To hang the garland, I wrapped it around my cast iron urns on each side of the mantle -- I suspect that that should be sturdy enough :)

Foil Holly Garland on Mantle

Silver Holly and Mercury Glass for Christmas
Like the garland, my mercury glass strand of beads have been wrapped around two mercury glass candlesticks. This gives the beautiful effect of multiple swags on the mantle.

Silver Holly Garland for Christmas

Make your own Silver Holly Garland using these easy DIY Instructions.

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Post originally published December 13, 2013

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