Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Tea for Two

Valentine Tea for Two

Whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, it's impossible to know what to give my husband. But I know that the true way to his heart is with sweets! Therefore, I've decorated for an
afternoon Tea For Two in our breakfast nook that will set the stage for his beloved sweets when Valentine's Day arrives.

Valentine Tea

Valentine Tea 2

Our bougainvillea bush is really coming in handy this time of year! I love the soft to hot pinks in these flowers.

Valentine Tea 3

For the tablecloth, I used a large piece of fabric that my husband and I brought back from Montenegro a few years ago. With gorgeous hand-stitching and gold sequins, its vibrant reds and pinks were made for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Tea 4
The lovely pink antique ornaments are used again in a silver bowl.

Valentine Tea 5
Hanging from a satin ribbon, I made this fluffy heart out of tissue paper and styrofoam.

Valentine Tea 6
These antique, fairytale cups and saucers were given to me by my sweet mother-in-law. How perfect for a Valentine tea!

Valentine Tea 7

On a recent trip to Sydney, Australia, we found these adorable ornament hearts. Centered on a red napkin and gold-rimmed china.

Valentine Tea 8
Decorating the white linen curtains are projects made of ribbon and paper.

Valentine Tea 9

Valentine Tea 10

A Valentine tea for two is a perfect idea for mothers and daughters, too. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Valentine's Decorating!


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