Friday, February 28, 2014

Garden Pop

Garden Planters and Pots
Springtime is around the corner. Want to add some pop to your garden? Nestle pots and planters made of different colors, shapes, and materials throughout your outdoor space. You
can find red vintage pots from flea markets or bright blue glazed pots at retail stores like Anthropologie. Want to make your own? Glue clam shells to your planter in a scalloped fashion, and you have a garden masterpiece!

Blue glazed planter with succulent
Blue glazed pot from Anthropologie

Scalloped clam shell planter
Scalloped clam shell planter you can make yourself!

 Vintage red and cream planter
 Vintage red and cream pot

Flat white vintage planter with saucer
Flat white vintage planter with saucer. Perfect for tables so everyone seated can see each other. Surround the planter with Moroccan candle votives for a colorful display.

Vintage green garden pot with leaf detail
Vintage green garden pot with leaf detail; between two traditional and common terra cotta pots.

Old terra cotta planter
Beautifully shaped and calcified old terra cotta planter. This wave pattern is so pretty that I often bring it indoors.

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