Friday, February 21, 2014

Nature's Sculptures: Coral

Clam Shell with Coral: Nature's Sculptures
To me, a piece of coral is nature's most beautiful sculpture, which might explain my obsession with and the abundance of coral in my home. I began collecting specimens about
four years ago, and my love for them only grows with each vignette, each display, and each photograph they help to create. Here are some of my most beautiful and prized possessions:

Above: A large clam shell holds birdnest coral, blue coral, stylophora coral, and ivory bush coral.
Seafan Coral on Mantle: Nature's Sculptures
 This large pink seafan coral is displayed in all it's grandeur on a piece of lucite.

Pink Seafan Coral on Mantle: Nature's Sculptures

Blue Coral on Mantle: Nature's Sculptures

Blue coral, with it's gorgeous gray-blue color, is absolutely spectacular next to blue books and in a "sea" of white coral and clam shells.

Blue Coral with blue books: Nature's Sculptures

Blue Coral and clam shell: Nature's Sculptures

Rose Coral: Nature's Sculptures

This rose coral couldn't have been given a more appropriate name. It looks like a rose in full bloom.

Plate Coral and Seafan: Nature's Sculptures

A seafan coral in front of a gold mirror "fans" my plate coral beneath it. The white plate coral looks luminescent on my mantle and my dining table.

Plate Coral and Clam Shell: Nature's Sculptures

I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for visiting Nora's Nest!


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