Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Egg Tree

Painted Eggs for Home Decor; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
The Easter egg tree has been a long standing tradition in my family. Every year, a few new eggs are bedazzled using different techniques -- paint, marbling, dye, and even gold-leaf!

Berry Owl Egg; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
I painted these eggs a couple years ago with sweet animals and springtime motifs. The Berry Owl is my personal favorite.

Watercolor Painted Eggs; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
From left to right: Butterflies, a bunny with tulips, blue marbling, birds flying in pink clouds, a row of ducklings, and a hatched chicklet.

Bird flying to Nest; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
Another favorite, this swallow flies to her nest.

Bluebonnet, frog, goldleaf eggs; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
From left to right: Bluebonnets, a girl frog*, a boy frog*, little chickens*, a hot pink dyed egg with gold leaf, and leaves.

(*Courtesy of my husband, after being coerced into painting the eggs with me. Aren't his adorable?)

These eggs were hollowed out first, painted with watercolors second, and spray painted with a clear varnish third. After varnishing the eggs, I made a toggle from a short piece of wire and thin silk ribbon, inserted the toggle into the egg, and tied the ribbon at the top. They're ready to hang on the tree!

Painted Rose Egg; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
A red rose.

Home Decor for Easter Day; Easter Egg Tree; Nora's Nest
Having the eggs reflect in a mirror makes it look like you've done twice the work. Displayed in my foyer next to naturally dyed eggs and lavender.

Want a last minute centerpiece that's edible, too? Check out my Easter Eggstravaganza. More tips? Decorate an Easter Buffet Table :)

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and Happy Decorating!


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