Friday, May 23, 2014

Creating Our Home Office

Just like a nest, our house is "perched" atop a hill and often feels like a treehouse. The height gives it a beautiful view, and the bonus room at the top front of the house has one of the best views of all. For this reason, I thought it was imperative that this view be enjoyed and admired every day. And so, a home office was born!

The view of the hills and our large pine tree.

As the most important structural feature for an office is a desk, and since my husband and I wanted as much desk space as possible, we decided to build a custom desk that fit perfectly into this long, narrow room. Made out of whitewashed butcher block and oil-bronzed metal pipes, the industrial desk hugs the walls and windows and gives us plenty of space to work. 

In this vignette, an etched glass lamp, a black and white photograph of my nautilus shell, a silver bowl filled with pinecones, and a lone manzanita branch give a modern, natural aesthetic.

My sweet sister and aunt found this P-E-R-F-E-C-T plate at the John Derian Company store in New York City. What a lovely addition to Nora's Nest!

I love the way the sun dapples into the room and drenches the hills. What could be more inspiring when working on a project for the blog?

For the corner vignette, two floating white shelves give the area height, allowing for pretty accessories.

Neutral tones and natural elements are the name of the game here (BIG shock, right? :)). A stack of old books, a sea fan coral, and black and white photographs of Italian cypresses complete the simple, calming environment.

What's wiser than an owl? Three of them! This family of brass owls gives the room a little wisdom and a whole lot of cuteness. The nautilus stands tall under a glass dome propped up on a wood pedestal, giving a bit of a creative and scientific vibe. Looking at these simple treasures, I'm ready to create!!

Stay tuned to discover how we created this desk (basically, my husband built it and I painted it)…and how we transformed the entire room with before and after photos!

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and have a wonderful holiday!


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