Friday, April 10, 2015

Woodland Party

Tour of my Woodland Party: Nora's Nest

Welcome to my Woodland Party! In celebration of our little one-to-be, my husband and I threw a brunch for family and friends. Join me as we explore the forest land full of moss,
nests, and woodland creatures. Preggos me can't wait to eat :)

Woodland Party; Easter Egg Tree and Foyer Table: Nora's Nest
The entrance table drips with dark green sheet moss and bright green reindeer moss. Easter eggs I've painted over the years adorn the manzanita branch, and a pair of birds watch over their new hatchlings.

Woodland Party; Tulips on the Foyer Table: Nora's Nest
 These gorgeous tulips have bloomed under the Egg Tree and remind me of a fiery sunset.

Woodland Party; Dining Room Table and Decor: Nora's Nest
The dining room table is complete with a moss runner, flowers, and magnolia pinecones. All we need now is the woodland food and we'll be ready to dine!

Woodland Party; Dining Room Table, moss runner, roses and cherry blossoms: Nora's Nest
Paper mache mushrooms "grow" out of the moss while white roses and pink cherry blossom branches anchor the end of the table runner.

Woodland Party; Dining Room Table, moss runner, eggs, mushrooms, deer family: Nora's Nest

A family of deer navigate the mushroom wonderland. Dyed eggs rest on silver platter.

Woodland Party; Dining Room decor and buffet table: Nora's Nest

Woodland Party; Buffet table: Nora's Nest
Wooden plates, flatware, and bark napkins wait for their debut atop the buffet table.

Woodland Party; Buffet table, wood plates, flatware, birch napkins, and owl glasses: Nora's Nest

Woodland Party; painted owl on ceramic, green paper straws, and wood plates: Nora's Nest
An owl ceramic holder I painted displays green and white striped straws for the party.

Woodland Party; food place cards with forest stickers and woodland animals: Nora's Nest
Forest stickers make these food cards all the more adorable.

Woodland Party; wool felt nest, acorns, and mushrooms on chandelier; maiden-hair ferns and pussywillow branches: Nora's Nest
Maiden-hair ferns and pussywillow branches tower above the buffet table. Wool felt acorns and mushrooms drip from the chandelier while a wool nest with eggs nestles on top of it.

Woodland Party; Dining Room Table with moss runner and party food: Nora's Nest

The food has been set and we're ready to begin the brunch!

Woodland Party; Cream Cheeseball Pinecones with almonds; party food: Nora's Nest
Cream cheeseballs are delicately covered with slivered almonds. There was a debate among guests at the party: were they pinecones, hedgehogs, or porcupines? No matter your opinion, they are definitely woodland food :).

Woodland Party; Cream Cheeseball Pinecones, Cheddar Jalapeno crackers, honey baked ham; party food: Nora's Nest

Cheddar jalapeno crackers, cheeseball pinecones, and a honey baked ham for sandwiches.

Woodland Party; Deviled eggs with chives; party food: Nora's Nest
Deviled eggs sprinkled with chives. My favorite.

Woodland Party; mini quiche lorraines; party food: Nora's Nest
My mother made these individual, melt-in-your-mouth quiche divine!

Woodland Party; Dining Room Table, moss runner, party food: Nora's Nest

Woodland Party; Red Mushroom Cupckaes for dessert, party food: Nora's Nest
And now...the desserts. Red mushroom cupcakes on a glass and wood compote. Vanilla cake, cream cheese frosting, and inverted white chocolate chips for the mushroom spots.

Woodland Party; Red Mushroom Cupckaes and ceramic leaf; dessert, party food: Nora's Nest

My husband bought this gorgeous ceramic leaf for me on our Parisian Babymoon. I'm so in love with it! Different sized cupcakes make for a more organic appearance.

Woodland Party; Deer cookies; dessert, party food: Nora's Nest
These delightful deer cookies were made by my incredibly talented aunt, Linda. They were too cute to eat, but once I did, I couldn't stop!

Woodland Party; Deer cookies and forest leaf cookies; dessert, party food: Nora's Nest

Did these hand-painted leaf cookies fall from a tree out of storybook? Another beautiful treat made by my aunt.

Woodland Party; Deer cakes, marzipan mushrooms, carrot cake and vanilla cake; dessert, party food: Nora's Nest

My sweet mother-in-law and mother helped me create these enchanting deer cakes. One was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting; the other, a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Topped with green sugar for the forest floor and deer families with a fawn. Crystallized ginger created the boulders, and I crafted the red mushrooms out of marzipan.

Woodland Party; Drink table outside, grey fox; party cocktails: Nora's Nest

The drink set-up in our backyard was complete with a punch bowl, pitchers, moss, and a grey fox, of course.

Woodland Party; Drink table, pitchers, punch bowl, deer wine stopper, grey fox; party cocktails: Nora's Nest

Wood rounds from a floral market set the stage for the drinks as the fox looks on to make sure all is running smoothly.

Woodland Party; Drink table and husband bartender; party cocktails: Nora's Nest

My husband, the trusty bartender. He made a refreshing gin and champagne punch, mint and cucumber lemonade, and his favorite, negronis, for the guests.

Woodland Party; embroidered bird towls and nest with egg soaps; bathroom decor: Nora's Nest

Embroidered bird towels and a nest with spotted robin's egg soaps give the washroom a sweet touch.

Woodland Party; Living Room decor, springtime: Nora's Nest
The living room looks like springtime with ferns, orchids, and budding branches.

Woodland Party; Living Room mantle and decor, moss, branches, egg wreath: Nora's Nest

Woodland Party; Living Room mantle, bark candles, pussywillow branches, nest: Nora's Nest

Bark candles light up the mantle, and if you look carefully, you may spot a bird's nest in the pussywillow branches!

Woodland Party; Living Room mantle, pastel egg wreath: Nora's Nest
This pastel egg wreath makes for a lovely centerpiece on the mirror.

Woodland Party; Living Room coffee table, paper mache mushrooms and moss: Nora's Nest
More paper mache mushrooms and moss grow from an old stone compote.

Woodland Party; Living Room mantle, chandelier, and sconces: Nora's Nest

Thank you for joining me on my Woodland Party tour! Happy springtime decorating!



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