Monday, October 12, 2015

Living Room in the Nest

Living Room Design and Decor in the Nest; Nora's Nest
Welcome to our living room! After purchasing the home, we lightened the walls, installed larger windows and baseboards, and kept the charming peg and groove floors. A few
cosmetic fixes and pieces of furniture later, and voila, we had our bright and airy space.

Living Room in the Nest; Neutral Design and Decor; Nora's Nest
This room sets the tone for the rest of our home: neutral colors, simple arrangements, and a mix of modern and traditional finishes compliment one another. For example, the sofa's modern and rectangular lines mimic those of the iron and glass coffee table, while the traditional, softer armchairs mimic the rounded lines of the antique iron fireplace screen. 

Living Room in the Nest; Iron Glass Coffee Table; Nora's Nest
This coffee table reminds me of being in a science museum where other-worldly objects are displayed in simple glass cases. What I love is that it allows me to decorate two layers of glass while taking up very minimal visual space. The decor objects float over the rug.

Living Room in the Nest; Iron Glass Detail; Nora's Nest
A nest with quail eggs is encased in a glass display, adding to the science and nature discovery feel to the room. 

Living Room in the Nest; Restoration Hardware Chair, Oil Painting, Manzanita tree; Nora's Nest
The trio of a chair, a painting, and a manzanita tree is a reverse copy of a chair, a drawing, and a floor lamp on the opposite side of the room. 

Living Room in the Nest; French Doors and sunlight; Nora's Nest
Original french doors lead out to the side yard. I love the light structure in this photo!...the sun was working with me.

Living Room in the Nest; Linen handmade pillow; Nora's Nest
In decorating a room, it's often challenging to find the right fabric for pillows. So when I can't find what I'm looking for, the only option is to make it. Using a stencil, I painted this diamond pattern on a warm white linen and sewed the pillowcase myself. One karate-chop on the top and it's ready to go!

Living Room in the Nest; Sand rug, antique forged iron fireplace screen; Nora's Nest
Rugs are so important in defining a space and making sense of a room, but going to a store and finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, I love looking for antique rugs online, and this one I found on Ebay. Old, large, and warm sandy tones was exactly what this room needed. 

Living Room in the Nest; Mantle with mirror, antique iron fireplace screen; Nora's Nest
A bleached manzanita branch, books, and flowers is all this coffee table needs to be company-ready. 

Living Room in the Nest; Cinderella gold-leaf chandelier, mantle, sconces; Nora's Nest
This gold-leaf chandelier reminds me of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. We had it installed as there was no light source from the ceiling when we purchased the house. Now, with a little help from the French chateau sconces flanking the mantle, the room is glowy and magical at night, too.

Living Room in the Nest; linen armchairs, linen curtains, hidden TV; Nora's Nest
For those who believe this room lacks a flat-screen TV, think again! Seeing as I try to conceal TVs at all cost, ours is hidden behind the large linen curtain panel next to the window. Now everyone's happy :)

To see how this living room looked before we transformed it, see the Before and After photos

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and Happy Designing and Decorating!


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