Friday, February 12, 2016

DIY: Hearts and Crafts

DIY: "Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; Nora's Nest
If you enjoyed my Hearts and Crafts for Valentine's Day post, below are the DIY directions on how to make your own hanging hearts!

What you'll need:
  • Cardboard paper (the thickness of a shoebox)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paints in any color (I used red, light pink, and magenta)
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter in any color (I used glass glitter in antique gold, but any coarse glitter will be great)
  • Thin ribbon in any color (I used red and a variety of pink ribbon)

1) Cut out a heart template.

2) Trace the template onto the cardboard paper as many times as possible. Create an even number of hearts as two cutout hearts will create one 3-D heart.

3) Cut a rough cut around each of the hearts first. This will make it easier to cut the hearts with more precision later.

4) Finish cutting out the hearts. I cut out two different sizes of hearts for more variety.

5) For every pair of hearts: Cut a slit from the top center on one. Cut a slit from the bottom center on the other. The slits should slightly pass the middle of the heart.

6) Gather your hearts and get ready to paint them!

7) Using acrylic paint and a brush, paint whatever color you desire on both sides of the heart. I mixed red and pink paint to create a variety of different colors. Allow to dry, about five minutes.

8) Next, line the edges of each side of the heart with craft glue. Take your finger to smooth out the glue and create a clean line.

9) Pour coarse glitter over the glue and repeat on the opposite side of the heart. Allow the glitter to dry very thoroughly, a few hours.

10) Taking a heart with a bottom slit, thread the ribbon through until it reaches the top of the slit.

11) Taking a heart with a top slit, slide the two hearts together. 

DIY: "Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; making a 3-D heart; Nora's Nest
The 3-D heart is complete.

DIY: "Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; making a 3-D heart with glitter; Nora's Nest
12) Tie a knot at the top of the ribbon, and voila, it is ready to hang!

DIY: "Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; 3-D hearts; Nora's Nest
Here's what the finished hearts look like without ribbons. Darling to have just sitting around a Valentine table!

DIY: "Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; pink and red 3-D hearts; Nora's Nest
To see the hearts hanging in my home, check out the finished Hearts and Crafts for Valentine's Day project!

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and Happy Valentine's Day decorating!!


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