Friday, February 12, 2016

Hearts and Crafts

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; hanging hearts in dining room; Nora's Nest
To sweeten our home for Valentine's Day this year, I made 3-D paper hearts that float over my Valentine Vessel in the dining room. Bring whimsy to your own Valentine celebration using my easy DIY: Hearts and Crafts directions!

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; hanging hearts with glitter; Nora's Nest
I grew up making these hanging hearts, though they are a bit more sophisticated and elegant than before :).

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; hanging heart project; Nora's Nest
My favorite hearts are the ones that are made of different hues, like the red and light pink one above. Glass-glitter lines their edges.

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; hanging hearts from chandelier; Nora's Nest
In an attempt to mimic the colors in the pink antique ornaments, I mixed acrylic paint in red and light pink to create different shades.

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; hanging hearts with silk ribbon; Nora's Nest
Silk ribbon in an array of colors (red, mauve, magenta, crimson) add extra interest.

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; Pink centerpiece with antique ornaments; Nora's Nest
Flanking the dining table centerpiece, pink goblets stand in as small vases. They hold red hot camellias that, (in a Valentine miracle that only Cupid could have designed), always bloom in my garden this time of year. 

"Hearts-and-Crafts" for Valentine's Day; celebration with red and pink decor; Nora's Nest
At nighttime, the addition of candles will make this Valentine centerpiece perfectly romantic.

Make your own DIY: Hearts and Crafts and surprise your Valentine (or yourself) this year!

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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