Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Green Decor and Clover Herbarium

St. Patrick's Day Green Vignette with Herbarium

St. Paddy's Day is tomorrow, so it's time to spruce up the house with a little green punch! This vignette is filled with green items from around my home. After finding
an adorable colony of clovers in my garden, I decided to bring them indoors and create a clover herbarium. A green vignette, fit for the holiday, is born!

St. Patrick's Day Decor with Clover Herbarium

I love the combination of natural elements and modern aesthetic in this herbarium centerpiece. The white frame, white matte, and white background really allows the clovers and their darling shapes to pop. Arranging the clovers in five rows and five columns helps to complete the modern art look.

St. Patrick's Day Home Decor

While on the hunt for all things green in my home, I came across green books, a tray, and a world map paperweight. They all have small touches of gold.

St. Patrick's Day Green Home Decor

The distressed book cover adds to the vintage appeal of the vignette.

St. Patrick's Day Vignette Green Home Decor
St. Patrick's Day Vignette Green Antique Tray

Another fabulous find from Country Garden Antiques. With gold painted sunbursts.

St. Patrick's Day Vignette Green Painting

This oil painting was one of my attempts to paint like Van Gogh. Though I have quite a ways to "gogh" on my painting skills :), I do enjoy the soft greens and movement in the painting.

St. Patrick's Day Vignette Green Jade Elephant

A little treasure from a trip to Thailand. This jade elephant, with its trunk held high, is another good luck charm!

St. Patrick's Day Vignette Ireland Postcard

A postcard from Ireland itself. Sandwiched within a two-sided glass frame.

St. Patrick's Day Vignette

Make your own clover herbarium with these DIY directions.

Thank you for visiting Nora's Nest, and Happy St. Paddy's Day Decorating!!


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